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The type of door locks you have for your home or business greatly influences the level of safety and convenience you can expect from using them. Mechanical locks often put you at a disadvantage because they require you to carry multiple keys (which can easily be misplaced), and they are often susceptible to being picked or “bumped” by intruders. Lost or stolen keys can pose a significant security risk as well.  Traditional keys have the potential to be copied without your knowledge or consent. Keyless door locks are increasing in popularity with both homeowners and business owners due to their remarkable convenience and utility. Let Amerikey Locksmith install a Keypad/Keyless Lock today! 


The convenience of keyless entry is perhaps the most exciting benefit of using a keypad lock. No fumbling around with keys when you’re trying to unlock your door at night, no calling a locksmith when you’re locked out of your house, no frantic search for your keys when you’re rushing to get out the door, no need for keys, period. 


Time-determined access control, “scheduling”, is one of the most outstanding benefits of using a keypad lock. Business owners can schedule time periods for doors to be locked or unlocked in order to keep strict control over employee access to certain areas of the premises. Homeowners can ensure that their doors are always locked at night without having to make the nightly rounds to do so. The ability to set time-determined locking and unlocking schedules will save both time and money, and it will ensure a higher degree of safety and convenience versus using traditional locks and keys.


Keypad locks offer a higher level of security in that they are pick proof and bump proof. Traditional mechanical locks are subject to both lock picking and lock bumping, which leaves no signs of forced entry, making it difficult to collect from your insurance company should a theft occur.


Keypad locks eliminate the need for your child to keep up with a house key if they come home from school before you come home from work. During a busy school day, it’s relatively easy for a child to accidentally drop or otherwise misplace a house key, and if they’re locked out of the house when they come home from school, this poses a potential risk to their safety. With a keypad lock, all your child needs to have is their personal security code, and they can enter it into the keypad to unlock the front door. Once they’re inside, the keypad lock will automatically lock behind them, ensuring that they’re safe and sound. Keypad locks are beneficial for parents of special needs kids as well.


Traditional locks wear and eventually malfunction due to frequent or heavy use. Dealing with a malfunctioning can be very aggravating. Accidentally breaking a key off inside the lock can also be a hassle to deal with. Keyless locks are remarkably durable because they don’t sustain the repetitive friction of traditional key functions. Simply pressing a few buttons on the keypad is all that’s required to operate the lockset and open the door.

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